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About Coszacks Classes

Classes are for men, women, and children ages 10 and up. Also ages 4-9 for our Jr. Warriors Program!

Anyone interested in attending classes is encouraged to watch a class before signing up. This allows the potential student to see how the class is run to make the first class less intimidating. There is no charge to view a class.

Coszacks Elite Defense System is a Martial Arts School and reserves the right to admit students to train. If a student has disciplinary problems or is unable to perform the techniques, they will be asked to leave.

Students hindering class or causing distractions in class will also be asked to leave. If asked to leave, a student will not be permitted back to Coszacks' school.

Coszacks Elite Defense System offers classes in Nashport Ohio. Visit the page below for class times and fees for the Nashport location:

Visit the Class Protocols page for dress code, class guidelines, and promotion information.

History of Coszacks

Learn about how Coszacks Elite Defense System was formed. Knowing the history and tradtions of your martial arts club greatly enhances your experience.


Check the announcements page often for class information, cancellations, and other Coszacks news.

Upcoming Events

Tournaments, testing, special events, and other upcoming activities are listed here.

Dates and Times

Class times, important dates, and other information can be found here for easy reference.

Class Protocol

Dress code, class conduct, and other details you need to know regarding all Coszacks Elite classes are available here for your reference.


What is Karate? The definition of and history of Karate can be found on the Karate page.


Judo is a part of the Coszacks system. Learn what Judo is and the history of the art.

Tae Kwon Do

Learn all about the history of Tae Kwon Do on the Tae Kwon Do page.


Bow staff, nunchucks, and many other martial arts weapons are studied and explored by students of Coszacks Elite Defense System.





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