History of Coszacks Elite Defense System

The Coszacks style was founded by Grand Master Jeffery L. Moore in Cincinnati in 1971. Shortly after, Grand Master Moore brought Coszacks School of Self-Defense to the Zanesville area.

Grand Master Jeffery L. Moore

    Grand Master Moore was a Seventh Degree Black Belt and recipient of the
    National Karate Instructor of the Year award in 1980.

    Grand Master Moore passed away at the age of 63 on Feb 2, 2012 after a
    courageous battle with cancer. A video tribute to Grand Master Moore is
    available here.

Moore's origional system was an eclectic combination of Shorin Ryu Karate, Wing Chung Kung Fu, Combat Judo and Oriental Weapons.

Demonstrations have been organized for many organizations including The Boy Scouts of America, Bethesda Fitness Center, Good Samaritan Medical Center, Crooksville Pottery Festival, Cambridge Arts & Crafts Festival, Colony Square Mall, as well as many schools and churches.

Koroshi School of Defense

Founded in 1970 by Master Thomas E. Benich, Koroshi School of Defense is a martial arts organization rich with tradition, history, and methods that have stood the test of time.

Several branches of Koroshi School of Defense exist throughout Ohio and The United States, all offering expert led martial arts classes. Koroshi School of Defense, Newark, Ohio branch, is directed by Master Chuck Chirdon and Sensei Anita Chirdon.

The Creation of Coszacks Elite Defense System

After earning his first degree black belt in 2005, Master Brad Seward desired a continuation of his martial arts education. Over the years he learned concepts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Kachido Aiki Jitsu and eventually joined Master Chuck Chirdon to study Jidakwan Tae Kwon Do with Koroshi School of Defense.

In 2014, Master Chirdon, Soke Russell, Master Clinton, Master Brown and Master Noewer awarded Seward his 5th Degree Masters rank with Koroshi.

After exposure to the Coszacks system, the Koroshi system, and various other arts, Master Seward realized that a new system should be formed.

This new system would be free of all restraints. This new system was created to incorporate both Coszacks fundamentals and Koroshi fundamentals as well. It would also incorporate concepts from Jiu Jitsu and Kachido as well.

Coszacks Elite Defense System was born to provide the best possible education for each and every student. It is a system built upon adaptation and continuation of one's knowledge, though never forgetting the founding principlas from Jeff Moore and Tom Benich. The two founders initials can be found within the Coszacks Elite Logo!





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