Class Protocols

Basic Orientation

PLEASE READ THE COSZACKS ELITE DEFENSE SYSTEM BROCHURE as it contains information in regards to private lessons, promotions & general information about the classes.

Class Agenda:

  1. Line up for stretching exercises - Beginners to the back of the line formation.
  2. Students will then be paired up for Kumite (sparring) exercises.
    • Beginners will observe or will be briefed on techniques and class procedures.
  3. Instructor will call for class to begin. Students again resume to line formation and bow in.
    • Our bow is done properly by placing your right fist in your left palm and bending at the waist with head up & eyes on the instructor.
  4. Class starts & Karate instruction begins.
  5. Instructor will call for end of class.
  6. Students once again resume line formation.
  7. Breathing exercise will follow. (Ohara)
  8. Class will dismiss following proper Bow at Instructors command.

Class Protocols:

  1. Always Address the Black Belt instructors as Sensei. When asked a question from Black Belt Instructor always answer with "Yes Sensei" or "No Sensei".
  2. Profanity of any kind will not be tolerated!
  3. Horseplay is not permitted before, during of after class.
  4. Uniforms & sparring gear should be clean & free from foul odor.
  5. It is also expected that students use proper hygiene such as bathing, deodorant etc. It is a must that finger nails as well as toe nails are kept trimmed.
  6. Talking during class is not permitted. If you need to comment on something you must ask permission to speak out loud from the instructor.
  7. Students must show respect to each other as well as instructors.

Coszacks Elite Defense System is a Martial Arts School and reserves the right to admit students to train. Students with disciplinary problems, unable to perform the techniques, or causing a distraction in the program will be asked to leave. Dismissed students will not be permitted to return.

Class Dress Code:

Karate Attire for class. Coszacks has always tried to maintain a martial arts traditional style regarding attire. This includes a traditional Martial Arts Uniform (Gi) for all students approaching first promotion and solid color shirts and pants for beginners.

Solid colored, plain, t-shirts; gray, black, or white only. No tank tops or sleeveless shirts may be worn in class.

Students may wear tank tops and sleeveless shirts for sparring, but must bring another shirt to change into after the sparring session is complete.

Only small sports logos should appear on shirts, such as Nike, Adidas, or Coszacks club logo. Coszacks Elite Defense System shirts are available from Sensei Brad Seward for $10. Please no imprints on shirts.

Solid colored plain sweat pants or workout pants; gray, black, or while only. No shorts please.

Students will be required to purchase a uniform and protective equipment prior to their first promotion. Uniforms and equipment can be ordered through the club at a discount price.

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are available from any black belt once cleared with head of dojo.


Each student will receive literature in regards to first promotion. This material will cover everything the student will need to know before that time. After the first promotion, the student will receive additional information regarding the next promotion, and so on. All promotion material for all promotion levels can be downloaded on the Forms and Documents page.

Promotions are based on a percentage of classes attended and knowledge accumulated during a specified length of time. Depending on the individual student and their class participation, time periods between promotions may vary from student to student. The minimum time to reach the rank of black belt is 4 years.

There is a $30.00 fee for White, Yellow, and Orange Belts. $45.00 fee for Green , Blue, and Purple Belts. $60.00 fee for Brown Belt. $75.00 fee for Black Belt promotion.

Belt fees are in addition to class fees. Coszacks' Belt ranking system is as follows with an approximate time frame for promotions:

  • white (novice/beginner), yellow
    • approx. 3-6 months
  • orange, green
    • approx 12 - 24 months
  • blue, purple, brown
    • 2-3 yrs
  • brown with one stripe, brown with two stripes, Black Belt
    • Approx. 4 years+





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